Denver to Costa Rica flight + 7 nights: From $463

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Costa Rica is among the top 5 list of places I’ve been, and even though I’ve seen better airfares, this is the best deal I’ve seen counting both airfare AND hotel. You can actually get a very nice hotel for 7 days for under $600? Pretty awesome.

Don’t waste your time checking AirBnB or VRBO. You won’t beat $11 a day for basic lodging, or under $30 a day for a 5-star rated resort.

Two recommendations:

  1. This is one of those deals that will probably be around a while because it’s not revolving as much around airfare as it is good deal on hotels. Feel free to watch fares to see if they dip & then grab an even better deal!
  2. Check the option that says you don’t need a hotel the whole time, stay a couple days in San Jose (to get the “package pricing”), venture West to Jaco Beach, and then do a couple excursions like Volcano tours, jungle tours, or amazing ziplining adventures.
San Jose Costa Rica
Nights: 7
Dates Wednesday, April 26, to Wednesday, May 3,
Round Trip flight: $386
Flight plus hotel $463 (Rooms from $11 per day)
Flight plus 4-star hotel* $546 (Rooms from $22.85 per day)
AirBnB Rooms (Does not include flight) Click for details
VRBO Houses (Does not include flights) Click for details