Denver to Austin: $96 Round Trip

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Here’s another weekend fare (coming up very soon) with flights under $100 AND rooms as low as $50 per person (for the weekend).

I’m a fan of the Texas two step & learned in Austin why they call it that. Best. Dancing. Ever.  (My absolute favorite night was walking down food truck row on our way to the White Horse where I got to dance to the Honky-Tonk tunes famous pianist Earl Poole Ball was playing.)

Austin can be expensive in terms of lodging. Be sure to check out your options on VRBO & AirBnB too.

Austin Texas
Nights: 2
Dates Friday, March 31, to Sunday, April 2,
Round Trip flight: $96
Flight plus hotel $147 (Rooms from $25.5 per day)
Flight plus 4-star hotel* $262 (Rooms from $83 per day)
AirBnB Rooms (Does not include flight) Click for details
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