33% to 50% off on Frontier Flights Mon-Thur

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Got this email from Frontier Airlines that piqued my interest.  In essence, you can save 33% to 50% off all frontier flights as long as you travel on a Monday through a Thursday. This sale is going for flights you purchase within next week, and fly before May 24.  Since they are all one-way fares, even if you travel one of the legs on a Friday-Sunday, you can still save 25% overall.

Some one-way prices I saw (BEFORE discount) include Denver to:

  • Vegas: $39
  • Memphis: $44
  • Phoenix: $39 (Meh. $68 round-trip is pretty normal if you are flexible on travel days.)
  • St Louis: $29
  • SLC: $39 (Meh… I see better fares than this all the time. I even saw a weekend fare for $84 Round-trip just yesterday.)
  • Houston: $46
  • Kansas City: $34
  • Portland: $59

I checked, and the discount definitely lowers the above rates, but not by 50%. (Seems that taxes & airport fees can’t be discounted.)

Here is a link to their route map.

Here is a link to their fare-finder.